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You Gotta Start Somewhere...

Hello out there! My name is Leah Jorgensen and I've been a harpist in and around Houston for longer than I wish to admit! It all started with piano lessons forced on me by my music-teachin' mother, and quickly moved on towards the harp, then cello, and voice... In my music career, I have done some pretty cool things, including playing with Kansas ("Dust in the Wind"), singing background to Lee Greenwood, teaching Kindermusik, organizing and directing children's choirs, performing in numerous orchestras, and providing music for more weddings than I can count.

I have really started this site to show some of the things I've been doing, brag about my pups, and share some tricks and tips that I've used.

For now...

Keep coming back for updates, or you can find me on all the social media links above!

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