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Many more years ago than Leah likes to admit, her mother began her musical training with the piano. Eventually, the time came to move on to something else. Through a wrong phone number dialed, and an unforgettable voice from the past, Leah was pointed towards the harp at 9 years old and it stuck... but it didn't stop there. At age 16, Leah was given the choice of a car or a pedal (Concert Grand classical) harp, and she chose the harp, not knowing that the station wagon came with it.

Leah has performed in many orchestras and has played under the direction of many brilliant conductors including Franz Krager and John Rutter. She has been seen on the stages of Revels Houston, The Country Playhouse, the Fort Bend Theatre, the Texas Renaissance Festival, the Garden in the Heights, McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, The Grand 1894 Opera House, the Stafford Centre, and the Imperial Theatre. At Westbury Baptist Church, Leah was the Music Assistant and Children’s Choir Coordinator, and co-directed the youth choir. She has taught private lessons in piano, voice, harp, and Kindermusik. Her claims to fame are singing backup to Lee Greenwood, having the honor to perform for the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Lady Margaret Thatcher, and performing with the band Kansas (best known for their hit, "Dust in the Wind"). 


​In 2016, Leah’s focus changed a little and in addition to just playing live, she also performed live as a drag queen. She was the first AFAB ( “Assigned-Female-At-Birth”) queen to be on a cast in Texas, and even performed on harp in a “bio-queen” pageant. She has been seen performing in many different venues around Houston and the Houston area, including reading at a local library for Drag Queen Story Time, and performing on harp in costume for fundraisers.

Pre-pandemic and living in the United States, Leah also excelled as a travel consultant. Through a family-owned travel company, she sold cruises and eventually became the Cruise Team Supervisor. Because the pandemic changed everything so much, Leah wondered what she was waiting for and decided to follow her dreams. In 2022, she and her partner moved to Glasgow, Scotland, and in January 2023 welcomed a sweet baby. Leah is now permanently in Scotland learning more about the Clarsach (Scottish harp) first hand.

Leah specializes in Jewish, Christian, wedding, and holiday music, but her favorites to play are Celtic, Broadway, and jazz and pop standards. She is a member of the Glasgow branch of the Clarsach Society and the Musicians’ Union.

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