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Love & Thunder... and a harp!

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Last week was my wife's birthday. But being in the middle of the week, we decided to wait until Friday until we actually celebrated it together. The main reason is that she's been dying to see Thor Love & Thunder since she first heard it was coming out. So the week leading up to it, and on her actual birthday night, we spend hours upon hours catching up on the old movies that I'd neglected to ever see (if you haven't been watching them in order, where in the world do you start??). And I did find that I really enjoyed them! So I got our tickets, and we headed to the movie theater with their reclining seats, theater-quality pizza, wine, and root beer.

As expected, the movie was a huge hit, and the corniness in it just made it that much more endearing. Even the soundtrack was perfectly placed, from Enya to ABBA, and lots of Guns n Roses! (I do wonder if this movie will do to Guns n Roses what Stranger Things has done to Kate Bush.) But then I got a really fantastic surprise!!

Right there, performing in front of Zeus and all the gods!!! It's really not every day that you see harp represented in mainstream films, especially not just shoved in the back corner!

Look- even his thumbs are up and fingers curled in!!

So of course, I had to find out who that harpist was! Through a Google search, I found the actor's name. And a quick google search for the actor's name brought me to a Facebook group of "Learning the Harp together!" (if you've ever wanted to play, or just started and want to find a supportive community to share with, check it out!) And that is where I found David Hambly's post, and had to comment:

All-in-all, the movie was highly enjoyable, my wife enjoyed her birthday (the whole point anyway!), and our weekend was off to a great start!

***On another note, I'm going to try out doing a "Harpist Hump Day" (or a "Harping Hump Day??), because who doesn't need a few extra strings pulled on Wednesdays to get them through the week!

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